Bill HR2107

HR 2107 Summary and Cosponsors

Illinois Governor George Ryan's opposition testimony:

Concern of Mr. John C. Eagerton, IV; Chairman, National Association of State Aviation Officials

(WASHINGTON, August 1, 2001) - Pending federal legislation designed to override a state's right to control airport development is an unconstitutional intrusion by Congress of the powers and prerogatives of state government, U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) said in testimony delivered today. (Press Release) , (Hyde Statement)  , (Supporting Document) .

The Senate companion bill is S. 1290, `End Gridlock at Our Nation's Critical Airports Act of 2001'. 

US-Citizens Aviation Watch testimony on HR 2107

Opposition Letter to Senators and Congressman (9/28/01).

Illinois governor's opposition response to HR 2107, Oct. 9, 2001.


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